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Volunteer Opportunities!

Many Volunteer Opportunities Available to Students.


   Host a meal on Friday night or on Saturday and Birthright Israel NEXT will pick up the tab! Thatís right! Birthright Israel NEXT gives Taglit and Birthright Israel alumni up to TWENTY FIVE DOLLARS for as much as SIXTEEN PEOPLE because we want you to celebrate Shabbat your way! Redefine rest with a traditional family dinner or break away from the daily grind with friends with a picnic in the park. Whether your dinner is for four people or for forty, is home cooked or take-out, involves singing or schmoozing, get creative and greet Shabbat with your own creativity and flair.

  Shabbat brings together food, drink, music, good company, and celebration. Traditionally, candles are lit, the bread is blessed, and wine is drunk. But because of NEXT, you can celebrate your own way by creating your own rituals and traditions or by reconnecting with the old. NEXT Shabbat allows you to take charge of your own personal involvement in Jewish life, as well as being able to define, as well as create, your own community.

  Students are, of course, always welcome to the lovely home of Rabbi Rueven and Shira Boshnack on Shabbat, be it for lunch or for dinner. For more information, please contact Reuvenb@bchillel.org.

  The Tanger Hillelat Brooklyn College offers students the experience of celebrating Shabbat in many different cultural ways. We hold many different Shabbatons, ranging from traditional orthodox, Israeli, as well as Russian Shabbatons throughout the year. More information on upcoming Shabbatons will be posted here on the Hillelís website!

  For more information on the Shabbat NEXT dinners or if you are interested in helping plan and host a Shabbat, please contact Yelena@BChillel.org.