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Arts and Culture


Brooklyn College has one of the most culturally diverse student bodies of any college, yet there is much divisiveness between people of different backgrounds. CreaCo is a series of arts programs to further the understanding and engagement between students and includes three tracts: visual art, theater production and a vocal group. We are aiming to engage a 25 students per tract from all walks of life who are passionate about art.


The Tanger Hillel at Brooklyn College has always had a strong connection to art and culture. Many of our students are currently studying art, with interests or courses ranging from dance, film, and music. The Hillel utilizes the resources available in New York City and so offers a variety of exciting and interesting programming pertaining to arts and culture, such as karaoke, movie nights, trips to see Broadway plays, Hebrew lessons, and learning traditional Israeli folk dances. These programs are available to all of our students!

Bat Sheva Dance Company:

Founded in 1964 by dance luminaries Martha Graham and Baroness Batsheva De Rothschild, the Tel Aviv-based Batsheva Dance Company first appeared at the Brooklyn Academy of Music in 2005. Israeli choreographer Ohad Naharin and Batsheva Dance Company returned to BAM with their new program Max, a riveting exploration of the pains and pleasures of being alive. Set to a compelling original score, Max veers from clenched and concentrated, to lush and stunningly expansive, showcasing both solo and ensemble performances.Our students receive a chance to see this performance at discounted ticket prices.

Israeli Folk Dancing:

During our “Bridging the Gap” retreat, our students from the New York Metropolitan area enjoyed the thrill and experience of learning traditional Israeli folk dances. They got a chance to learn several types of traditional folk dances from Israel, as well as enjoy a whole night of dancing and fun.


The internationally renowned performance known as STOMP centers around innovative, high-energy performances, do-it-yourself themed music that is played with a variety of seemingly unseemly objects such as garbage bins, and an electrical and vibrant atmosphere. A group of Hillel students who are very passionate about Broadway and theater organized a trip to see this wonderful performance.