Alumni Spotlight

An enduring commitment to Hillel often goes hand-in-hand with professional and personal success.
Our many Hillel alumni have gone on to achieve great things, and we're thrilled to showcase their talents and accomplishments.

 Joshua    Sky

Joshua Sky

I grew up on Maui Hawaii, and was pretty much the only Jew in my high school. After graduating at age 17, I hopped on a plane and moved into my uncle's attic in Brooklyn. Having no friends, and unsure where I could make any, my aunt suggested I check out the Brooklyn College Hillel.

Her suggestion changed my life. I met two of my closest friends whom I still keep in touch with and through continued involvement with the institute; I received opportunities I never would have dreamed of due to scholarships from Hillel's generous donors. I got to travel to different countries abroad, including Israel and Nicaragua. More importantly I cultivated a relationship with Torah study, Jewish culture and my love of stand up comedy in relation to Jewish outlook. 

Today, I'm a college graduate, working for Marvel Entertainment, one of the world's foremost media companies as a writer and 9-5 employee. Thanks to the wonderful, thoughtful staff at the Brooklyn College Hillel, Iíve gained scores of skills and opportunities that helped me flourish during my college years and beyond.
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