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If six blindfolded people are placed around an elephant and allowed to touch only the part directly in front of them, they will describe each part very differently. If a number of college students were asked to define Judaism, they will likewise describe radically different aspects. Most of them only have experiences with a very limited part of the whole.

The most commonly heard descriptions are:

  • “Judaism is a religion.”
  • “It is about being a good person.”
  • “It is about keeping laws, such as Shabbos, as well as being kosher.”
  • “Judaism is about our heritage.”

Our staff, the board of directors, as well as generous donors see the “elephant” as the Jewish People or Nation (HaAm). It is the core Jewish values that unite us. Jewish students, regardless of their differences,  desire to belong. Students find “portals” into our community, such as performing  acts of loving kindness, participating in Jewish learning, celebrating our Jewish traditions and rituals, taking trips to Israel, organizing charitable events, as well as working to make the world a better place. Our goal is to ensure that every Jewish student feels a sense of belonging to the Jewish Nation.

It is our sincerest  hope that you can share and appreciate our passion and commitment for our core Jewish values and to our beautiful and diverse Jewish community at the Tanger Hillel at Brooklyn College and beyond.