Yuval is from Gedera. Yuval is an only child and she is very close to her parents. Yuval majored computer science and biology in school.Yuval is a dancer and she went with her dance group for many competitions. Last year Yuval and her dance group got the first place at the whole competition in Prague. Yuval hobbies includes music, art, makeup and dance. In her free time, Yuval volunteered in youth movement called "Maccabi Tzair". Yuval loves to be with her friends, go to shopping and do sports.






Aviv was born in Tel Aviv and grew up in Kiryat Ono. Aviv was a student in Ben zvi high school in Kiryat ono and graduated in the field of theater and history. Aviv was a counselor in the Israeli scouts(Tzofim) for 3 years and during last summer Aviv took part in the Tzofim friendship caravan to the US. Aviv enjoys spending time with his friends and family in trips across Israel and also abroad. Aviv is also a big sports fan.







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